As a registered Marriage Celebrant, with more than 12years experience I have completed the prescribed certification and am authorised to officially marry couples according to law in Australia. I am dedicated to providing clients with a quality service consistent with the Marriage Celebrants’ Code of Practice.

Couples are required to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month prior to the wedding day. I can provide this form or you can down load it from the Attorney Generals Website. I recommend that you complete the Notice of Intended Marriage at our first official meeting. At that time you will need to produce your birth certificates and relevant divorce papers or death certificates if the parties have been previously married

In some cases, marrying couples have children from previous marriages or from their present union. I encourage the children’s participation in the wedding ceremony as it reinforces family bonds. Children of all ages are welcome to be part of the special day.

Planning your wedding can be a daunting and expensive task. I will devote as much time and effort as necessary to provide you with information and advice for the preparation of your special day at very reasonable rates.

I provide my clients with a brochure that outlines the basic ceremony that complies with the Marriage Act, and includes suggestions for vows, ring giving and additions to the ceremony.

For weddings that include Scottish customs I offer a number of options including the Quaich, Oathing Stone, Pinning of the Tartan and Celtic Blessings. As an experienced piper I can play the pipes at the ceremony.

As an RSL member I offer special consideration to other RSL members with the inclusion of military traditions.

For weddings with a large number of people in the bridal party I advocate having a rehearsal close to the scheduled wedding date. This will ensure that all parties will know what is expected of them.

For weddings I firmly believe that it is important to select a celebrant who meets your requirements and has a personality that appeals to you. For this purpose I offer an obligation free preliminary interview.  I provide a PA system and signing table (including covers) for the ceremony.  I have a policy of visiting an unfamiliar site chosen for the ceremony prior to the wedding to eliminate any problems that may occur. I advocate the couple make alternate arrangements for outdoor weddings in the event of rain or unsuitable weather.

I have a policy of doing one ceremony on any given day so that I can ensure you will have my undivided attention.

Overseas Visitors

Persons living overseas who want to be married in Australia may download the Notice of Intent to Marry by visiting the Attorney General’s website Upon initial contact by phone, email, fax or mail I provide precise instructions as to the completion of the form and its lodgement. I am able to provide other travel advice but cannot arrange travel. I am also able to provide information about venues and special events operators such as charter boats for whale shark interaction.