Reaffirmation Ceremonies

This service offers couples, especially those who have married overseas, an opportunity to re-enact their wedding with family and friends. Couples often choose to celebrate a continuing commitment to each other on the anniversary of their wedding. I provide suitable information for the preparation of such ceremonies and provide specially prepared certificate as a record of the occasion (Please note that reaffirmation ceremonies have no legal status).

Naming Ceremonies

This ceremony offers an opportunity to recognise a child’s position in a family, as a new arrival or family member. It also allows a person to publicly announce a change of name. These ceremonies can be wonderfully intimate occasions and I am able to help you prepare such a ceremony tailored to your desires.


Funerals are a time for grieving and an acknowledgement of a person’s life. It is important that family of the deceased are able to pay respect in a manner of their choosing. I provide a sensitive and caring approach to the preparation of the funeral service and the eulogy in accordance with the instructions that may have been left by the deceased and the desires of the family.

Eulogies are prepared only after consultation with the nominated family members. An appropriate eulogy provides a celebration of life and a fitting remembrance. It is delivered with dignity and sincerity. I can offer special attention for those who have served in the armed forces. I am familiar with military protocols for such funeral services.